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The Westport Charterboat Association (WCBA) is a Washington non-profit corporation whose members are Charterboat owners, operators, and Booking Services. WCBA was founded in 1957 for the purpose of promoting Charterboat fishing for salmon in the Westport, Washington area. In the mid-1970s there were over 200 Charterboats operating out of Westport. Annually, over 250,000 people went fishing in Westport and caught nearly one half million salmon per year!

Today there are 30 vessels in our fleet operating out of 10 booking services. In addition to Salmon, our fleet fishes for Albacore Tuna, Halibut, Lingcod, and many varieties of Rockfish. Some vessels also take Whale Watch excursions each Spring. Conservation has increasingly become the guiding principle in fishery management and sustainable fisheries have become the goal of long-range fishery planning in our State. WCBA is dedicated to fishing in a manner that conserves our valuable fishery resources for future generations.

WCBA works with State, Federal, and Tribal fishery management entities and others in order to attain fishing seasons that are both people and fish friendly. We are involved in the in-season management of fisheries that are quota-based and we participate in the gathering of scientific and statistical data required to manage the fisheries. We also work with the United States Coast Guard to ensure that our vessels are safe and comfortable.

The future of our marine resources and public participation in the harvest depends on cooperation between the fishery managers and the harvesting community. The Westport Charterboat Association is dedicated to that end.

Charterboat fishing in Westport is part of our common heritage in Washington State. Over the past five decades, millions of people have experienced the thrill of landing a salmon, or one of many other species that inhabit the waters off Westport. Cyclical changes in ocean survival conditions have resulted in much improved fishing in recent years. And, although our fleet is reduced in numbers from the mid-1970's, there's one timeless event that's still happening at Westport: just you and a nice big fish on the other end of the line. Why don't you plan on taking a fishing trip with us this year?

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