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Nothing grows faster than a fish from the time he bites until the time he gets away.

- Anonymous

Westport in the 1960's
Westport Charterboat Association vessels engage in all types of recreational fishing and whale watching activities. These include the following:
Salmon Fishing is what Westport is famous for. These trips leave around daylight and return mid-afternoon or when limits are taken. The bag limit for salmon is typically 2. There are many days in which all on board catch their limits. Please check our Fishing Seasons page for current regulations. Coho salmon range from 4 to 12 pounds, growing as the season progresses. Chinook salmon range from 6 to 50 pounds.

All things come to those who bait.

- Anonymous

Fishing is the eternal fountain of youth.

- Herbert Hoover

Bottomfish trips target primarily on Black Rockfish and Lingcod. Occasionally we catch other species of rockfish including Yellowtail and Quillback. These trips are approximately 8 hours in duration and are taken from mid-March through mid-October, 7 days per week. The rockfish limit is 7 per person. The Lingcod limit is 2. Rockfish range in size from 3-5 pounds. Lingcod range from 4 to 50 pounds. The average size is around 7-11 pounds. Rockfish limits are usually the rule on these trips. Lingcod fishing is best in the Spring and early summer and then again in the Fall. There are no quotas associated with these species. Salmon / Bottomfish Combo trips are also available on many vessels. Contact your favorite booking service for more information.
Halibut season takes place in May, and there are usually only 4-6 open days available for fishing. These trips are about 12 hours in length. The average halibut weighs 16-20 pounds but have been caught up to 140 pounds here in the Westport area. The bag limit is 1 per person. The Halibut season is usually very short so make your reservations well in advance.

Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.
- Henry David Thoreau

Albacore Tuna are usually in range off our coast from July through early October. These warm water critters are extremely fast and strong fighters. Our member vessels fish with live anchovies for bait. Trips usually leave late at night and arrive at the fishing grounds at daylight. Trip duration is pre-arranged and can last from 1 to 3 days. There is no bag limit on Tuna. Catches average 4-6 fish per person per day but up to 20-25 per person have been caught on multi-day trips. Albacore range from 12 to 25 pounds with an occasional fish over 30 pounds.

Some anglers catch their best fish by the tale.
- Anonymous

Whale Watching trips allow you to see some of the thousands of Gray Whales that travel past Westport on their annual northern migration during the March - May time period. They travel close to shore, which allows us to view them from a relatively close proximity. Whale watch trips are usually 2 hours in duration and are taken daily, both forenoon and afternoon. These trips are inexpensive and great for kids.
Seabird Watching Charters
Westport Seabirds conducts all day pelagic bird watching trips with the MV Monte Carlo skippered by Phil Anderson to Grays Canyon, a submarine canyon which lies 35 nautical miles due west from the mouth of Grays Harbor, on the edge of the North American continental shelf. The outer half of the shelf and the Canyon support a vast array of marine life including dolphins, whales, and seabirds. In addition to regular species like Black-footed Albatross and Fork-tailed Storm Petrel, our trips feature seasonal species such as Laysan Albatross, Flesh-footed, Short-tailed, and Buller's Shearwaters, and South Polar Skua among many other offshore species. Our trips usually have at least two experienced and knowledgeable spotter/leaders on board to spot birds, answer identification issues, seabird biology, marine mammals, and oceanography. For more information, check out our website at:
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